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ParentConnect would like to hear from you! Let's amplify parents' voices to the governments before the Provincial Election. Join our weekly poll, or send us email with your constructive views or concerns, we will share online with our candidates in GTA & York Region. Let's form a stronger parent community to nurture a better society and a positive future generation.

Do you want cannabis (marijuana) available in your neighbourhood?

Do you see the need to change the current sex education curriculum in Ontario to make it more age and content appropriate?

As a parent, what is the #1 issue you'd like the elected provincial government to tackle?

Which provincial party do you plan to vote this June?

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About Us

ParentConnect™ is a not-for-profit initiative founded by a passionate immigrant parent to promote positive parenting and a better future society. Results from a focus group study by ParentConnect™ shows that there is a huge information gap for new and immigrant parents to access the knowledge and resources they need to raise a family in an unfamiliar and time-stressed environment.

The objective of ParentConnect™ is to create a platform for free and easy access for new and immigrant parents’ ongoing collaborative communication and knowledge sharing. Parents can join the online community for free to receive news and educational resources all under one roof. In addition, they will also be invited to workshops, seminars, and events to learn from experts on such topics as healthy diet, baby care, schooling, child psychology, staying active, recreation, child safety and family and youth financial literacy. Parents can also network with other parents of diverse ethnic descent to share experiences and thoughts. Public and private sector product and service providers will be invited as partners to provide information, activities, samples and discount programs.

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