Seminar – Child & Youth Mental Health’s Pressing Needs – The Role of Education System and Parents
May 1, 2018


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Psychotherapist and Dietitian’s Advice on
How to Manage Picky Eaters

Hosted by ParentConnect with Chinese Family Services of Ontario (CFSO)

Do you have a picky eating child at home that makes each meal a battle zone? This seminar is designed to help parents to get inside the mind of your picky eating child, understand the impact of the psychological aspects on eating behaviors, and provide practical tips on how to help your little picky eater to develop a healthier eating “mind”.


Date 日期: Saturday, June 23rd, 2018 (星期六 6月23日)
Time 時間: 9:30am - 12:00pm
Speaker 講者: Elaine Lam R.P. 林海玲註冊心理治療師
Novella Lui, RD, MHSc 雷靄霖註冊營養師
Location 地點: CFS Ontario 家和專業輔導中心
3330 Midland Avenue, Room 238, Scarborough
Language 語言: English 英語 / Cantonese 粵語
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ParentConnect is a not-for-profit initiative and one-stop online parenting platform founded by a passionate immigrant parent to promote positive parenting and a better future society. Results from a focus group study by ParentConnect shows that there is a huge information gap for new and immigrant parents to access the knowledge and resources they need to raise a family in an unfamiliar and time-stressed environment.

ParentConnect 是由一位熱心的移民家長創辦,宗旨為初為人父母和移民家長而設立的一個一站式資訊平台,目的是推動正向育兒信息,通過學習及實用資料,培育健康正面的下一代,並促進家庭和社會和諧。根據ParentConnect 所做的小組意見調查顯示,新任父母和移民家長往往在尋找合適的育兒、服務、資源和支援輔導資訊時,感到無從入手。ParentConnect 讓家長方便地免費獲取相關信息和教育資訊。家長還可以報名參加專家講座、工作坊、和育兒及親子活動,聆聽多方專家意見,包括健康飲食、育嬰、入學、兒童心理、康樂活動及兒童安全等。不同族裔背景的父母亦可以交流及互換心得。這平台亦會邀請政府和私人的服務和產品供應商提供資訊、活動、樣本及折扣優惠。要了解如何免費加人成為會員及接收訊息,可往www.ParentConnect.ca網站查詢。

CFSO is a non-profit, accredited professional counselling, family services and settlement agency that offers both linguistically and culturally sensitive services to individuals and families in need of counselling and settlement services.

註冊於一九八八年,家和專業輔導中心是一間非牟利、慈善、通過加拿大優質鑑證局優質認證的專 業輔導和移民安居服務機構,專注服務加拿大的華裔人仕。我們的服務宗旨是為建立一個安全及和 諧的社區,致力令安省華人家庭擁有優質的心理健康及和諧的家庭生活,從而融入社區,為社會作 出貢獻。家和專業輔導中心經費源自聯邦、省和市政府部門、多倫多和約克區公益金和社區捐款。 本中心之團隊包括註冊社工、心理治療師、家庭輔導員、註冊戒賭輔導員、及安居輔導員,每年服 務超過 5,000 人。

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