Invest in families.

Invest in future.

Support us today and help build a positive future for our society through providing parents with positive parenting techniques and resources to nurture our youth to become positive, healthy and happy individuals.

We are a federally registered not-for-profit organization. We are starting small but have the vision to go national to support parents from all walks of life to learn and implement positive parenting and making a positive impact on our youth and society. There are so many families across Canada that can benefit from our “meet the experts” programs and online resources. Our focus groups told us what most parents feel about raising their children in a time-stressed and disrupted environment. They would appreciate a one-stop portal where they can learn about positive parenting, obtain resources and support from the community, and talk to experts for knowledge and advice.

We cannot provide such programs and resources without your help. Every $ invested will be 100% dedicated to the development and operations of the programs and free information resources to parents, which as a result will improve better educational, employment, health and civic engagement outcomes for our kids.